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Winx Club Student Registration Form was created because many students log on without a username. Please fill this form and give it to an administrator. If the administrator accepts then you're lucky!!

Active Admins (To Give The Form To)Edit

Victoria JusticeShe is known as stellamusa101 But, since she loves victoria justice I put her name like that!.

BloomRocks!The founder of this wiki!

Registration FormEdit

Your Name (or username): Joelle Choucair ___

Age: (Must Be 15 Or Above): 14

Magical Powers: I don't know but my dream is to become a fairy and I believe in becoming a fairy

Hobbies: Drawing

Reason To Attend This Wiki: I wanna make my dream come true.

Your Signature: Joelle Choucair


How To Fill The FormEdit

If you really wanna join this wikia then fill the (Above) Form. It's important to put your signature. And first make an account then fill this form and after that if the admin agrees you can start editing. But, if the admin doesn't then you have to disable your account. Kindly do not fight if your form wasn't accepted ask why it wasn't and if the reason is Clear and vivid to you then leave it. 
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Please Kindly Give In The Form To Victoria!! As Our Last Admin Left!

Thanks For Going Over This Page,

Christina Your Founder