Valtor is the main antagonist in Season 3. Like Darkar and Tritannus, Valtor has 2 forms: A standard wizard form and a dark demon form.


He was created by the ancient witches to find the dragon fire.

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He was trapped in the Omega dimention, a prison for the worst criminals, for 17 years. He was recued by The Trix, who were put there themselves, and left through Andros, which guarded the prison.

They conqured Cloud Tower making it their base and penning Griffin. Valtor enchants all the witches( he puts his mark on anyone he enchants and this enchantment can only be broken by Enchantix fairy dust.

He increases his powers by stealing the powers of different worlds. He makes a pact with Chimera and his mother, Countess Cassandra, to give them power to enchant King Radius, while the Stella will be removed by being turned into a monster. He also helped Diaspro enchant Sky. He opens the portal between Omega and Andros, almost destroying both, the portal is closed by Tecna, who earns her enchantix powers. After all the winx achieve enchantix they find the water stars, the opposite of dragon fire which is Valtor's power.

Valtor tries to steal Alfea College For Fairies And Magics powers and ends up almost defeated by The Winx, he tells Bloom that he had absorbed her parents with an absorbtion spell and gets away. Bloom meets the ancient witches who tell her the truth.

The Trix meanwhile become his minions, and want to get noticed by the sorcerer (who has no problem using them). Only towards the end, after seeing his true form, the three decided to separate from him.

At the end Valtor, weakened and turned into a monstrous red creature is defeated by Bloom thanks to the water stars.


  • He was created by the ancient witches.
  • He gave the trix disenchantix.

Defeated byEdit

He was defeated by the use of waterstars.



demon form