Sophix is a sub-transformation of Believix like Lovix. Sophix was earned by receiving the first Gift of Destiny, The Gift of Wisdom. Sophix allows the user to bond with nature and to have nature-based powers. Sophix was given by the Ethereal Fairies that were summoned by charm from Faragonda. Sophix was only used while they were in Amazonia, where Diana, the Major Fairy of Nature and her Amazonian Fairies live. It was used to convince Diana and her Amazonian Fairies to stop vengeance (war) against humans. Roxy did not gain this transformation and Lovix, possibly since she has a incomplete believix. (Due to the fact she has not earned her Standard Fairy form, Charmix and Enchantix.)


Bloom - Inner Flame

Stella - Drop of Light

Musa - Pure Harmony

Flora - Breath of Nature

Tecna - Superior Order

Layla/Aisha - Vital Beat


• Sophix comes from the word/name "Sophia". In greek mythology, Sophia means wisdom. So it may be possible the Gift of Sophix was called the Gift of Wisdom.

• This was the fifth transformation the Winx achieved.

• Sophix is the first transformation to be achieved by a magical source of power. (2nd being Lovix, then the third being Harmonix.)