Roccaluce (The Fortress of Light)

Shown to be located above the Lake Fortress of Light in non-space, the fortress is unreachable for almost anyone except for advanced magicians who can travel through dimensions. It is a temple high above the clouds on a huge and rocky mountain. After season one, the Trix are sent there for unleashing the Army of Decay on Magix, but are broken out in season 2 by Lord Darkar. At the end of season 3, they are sent back after working with Valtor.

  • Templars of Roccaluce. The Templars of Roccaluce are knight-monks who study Wu-Gong, an ancient martial art that makes them very highly qualified, magic-resistant warriors.
  • The Lord of the Templars is the leader of the templars. He is the one who defeated Lord Darkar and sent him in a 17-year long slumber after the destruction of Domino.