Red Fountain

  • Professor Saladin is the Headmaster of Redfountain and Helia's uncle . He is an old, very powerful wizard. It is revealed in season three that he, Faragonda and Griffin helped defend the planet of Domino. Saladin is one of the three points of magic, the others being Faragonda and Griffin. David Brimmer voices Saladin in the 4kids version.
  • Professor Codatorta is the Head of Discipline at Redfountain. Not much is known about him other than that he is very robust and active. Layton Hovercraft voices Codatorta in the 4kids version.
  • Athena is the guardian of Redfountain's Codex. She wears a Greek goddess dress because her name comes from the goddess of wisdom and battle in Greek mythology. Athena lives up to her name. She is one of the four powerful pixies in the realm of Magix.

Minor Specialists

  • Bishop is a specialist with a purple ponytail on top of his head. He has markings on his forehead.
  • Jared is a dark-haired specialist that has a crush on Musa in season two. Darcy uses him to sabotage the test the Winx take in the simulation lab. He and Musa end up as friends, but by the end of season two Jared is seen with a new love interest, a fairy named Alice.
  • Pete is a specialist with short blonde hair. He was Stella's boyfriend in 5th grade. He was named in season two when the Redfountain campus was rebuilt.
  • Spencer is a specialist with orange hair that stands straight up. His name is revealed by Riven in season two, episode 10.

Red Fountain's Gallery

Minor Specialists Gallery