Nabu is a wizard from Andros. Nabu's familly is a very rich family since it was mentioned that Nabu lived with the richest family on Andros. Nabu had a arranged marriage with Aisha/Layla. Nabu also fell in coma in Season 4, as he was trying to close the gate of Abyss. He succeeded, but unfortunately, Nabu passed away from using all of his strength and magic. He was also seen as an illusion (It wasn't him) in Season 5 from Tritannus' pollution.

Nabu's GalleriesEdit

Nabu's Specialist Outfit GalleryEdit

Nabu's Civilian Outfit GalleryEdit

Nabu's GalleryEdit

About NabuEdit

Nabu Is A Prince He Died In Season 4 Saving Morgana And The Fairies. He Is Aisha's Boyfriend Or "Was". He is a kind and brave wizard he saved all the fairies from dying.

Nabu's PersonalityEdit

Nabu is a brave specialist.

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