Lovix is a sub-transformation of Believix, like Sophix. Lovix was earned by receiving the second Gift of Destiny, the Gift of Heart. Lovix allows the user to not freeze in the cold and to also have powers based to ice. Like Sophix and the three wings of Believix, Roxy is not included in this transformation, possibly due to the fact that she has a incomplete Believix. Lovix was used when the Winx went to the Frost Tower to stop Aurora, the Major Fairy of the North (or just simply called North Fairy) and her Arctic Fairies from venegeance (war) against humans.


Bloom - Ice Flame/White Flame

Stella - Crystal Light/Winter's Thaw

Musa - Snow Melody/Snowy Melody

Flora - Untamable Nature/Frosty Vines

Tecna - Chill Breath/Chilled Breath

Layla/Aisha - Hail Rain/Frost Bite


• Lovix comes from the word Love, A heart is similar to Love, so that is possibly why the Gift of Lovix was called the Gift of Heart.