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This page shows Flora's Spells.

Flora's SpellsEdit

  • Golden Pollen
  • Wrapping Ivy
  • Floral Whirlpool
  • Venus Gobbler
  • Roots of Organ
  • Flowers of the Wind
  • Vine Tie
  • Glitter Dust
  • Flower Twister
  • Nature's Symphony
  • Bearing Branches
  • Power of Seasons
  • Wall of Lily Whirlpool
  • Earth Cage
  • Growing Ping


  • Luxurious Ivy
  • Green Luxurious Ivy
  • Winter's Edge
  • Glowing Ivy
  • Magic Climbing Ivy
  • Energy of Mother Earth
  • Return to Nature
  • Nature Dust
  • Liana Chain


  • Summer Thunder
  • Winter Rose
  • Autumn Wind
  • Spring Ring
  • Breath of the World
  • Enchanted Nest
  • Constricting Vines
  • Voice of the Forest


Second nature


  • Untamable Nature


  • Dancing Whirl
  • Fall Vortex
  • Green Growth


  • Petal Hurricane
  • Nature Kick
  • Gaia's Defense
  • Lotus Flower
  • Feast of Nature
  • of Sirenix

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