Planet of Eraklyon

Other than Prince Sky and Brandon, the following characters are from planet of Eraklyon.

  • King Erendor and Queen Samara are the King and Queen of Eraklyon and the parents of Sky. They first appear in season one, episode 17, where they are together with Princess Diaspro to watch a show at Redfountain in which Sky appears. Before season one, they paired their son up with Princess Diaspro as his fiancée, but Sky manages to get out of the engagement to be together with Bloom. They don't like her very much until season two, episode 14, in which she helps save Diaspro.
  • Lady is Sky's pet dog. Lady only appears in the first season.
  • Diaspro, fairy of gemstones, was the arranged fiancée of Prince Sky, but he breaks their engagement for Bloom. Bloom, believing Diaspro was one of the Trix in disguise, attacks her during the Exhibition Day at Redfountain. In season two, ninja warriors called the Techno Ninjas kidnap her, forcing Sky, Bloom, Brandon and Flora to rescue her. Also in that episode, they mention that she has been trained and taught for many years to become Sky's wife. Therefore, she is quite bitter about the fact that Bloom has taken her place. Flora and Chatta console her, telling her that she will find her prince someday. However, it's unknown if that's ever gonna happen in the show, or if at least starts to learn to be more nicer to Bloom and to let go of the past. Veronica Taylor voices Princess Diaspro in the 4kids version. She is voiced by Ariana Grande in the Nickelodeon dub.

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