Voiced By:
Alessia La Monica (Original/Italian)

Ariana Grande (Nickelodeon)

Veronica Taylor (4Kids)
Age (at first appearance):
Isis (4kids) Euraklyon (Rai/Nickelodeon)
Powers and Abilities:
Quartz (TV Show) Gems and precious stones (Monthly Comics)
First Appearance
Secrets Within Secrets
Sky (ex-fiancé)


Diaspro is a very naughty and spoilt princess. Diaspro was first seen in Episode: "Secrets Within Secrets". Diaspro Loves Sky But Sky Now Loves Bloom. Sky Saw Bloom In Episode 2. She even tried to poison sky to love her by mixing something in his juice. She wants Sky at all costs. She personally hates bloom for life. Bloom And Diaspro even had a fight Because bloom thought she was Icy. At that time they came out and bloom blasted diaspro and she went running to sky.

Diaspro's Appearence GalleryEdit


Diaspro is a spoilt princess who you can never say no to and wants Sky at all costs. Diaspro wears a red dress in her transformation and a flower appears on her head. A ring and bracelet also appears in the start of her transformation. Diaspro then strikes a final pose.

Diaspro's Transformation GalleryEdit

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