• Ms. Griffin is the Headmistress of Cloudtower. She is a bitter rival of Faragonda. Griffin can seem mean, but she honestly cares for her students and will defend them if threatened. In season three it is revealed that as a young witch, she once teamed up with Valtor to work for the Ancestral Witches, though she eventually switched to good and ran from Valtor. She went on to help defend the planet of Domino alongside Ms. Faragonda and Saladin of Redfountain. She seems to be very grateful to the Winx Club, as they have saved her and her school many times. She is also a very good astronomer as revealed in season 2. Carol Jacobanis voices Ms. Griffin in the 4kids version.
  • Lucy is Mirta's only friend at Cloudtower. Tall and pale, Lucy has self-esteem problems and desperately wants to befriend the Trix in the first season, once even daring to sit next to Darcy, resulting in her being turned into a dragon fly. Mirta kept her in a jar for three days, then turned her back using a fairy spell. In the second season we learn that she and Mirta have been friends since childhood. In Elementary school, Lucy was popular while Mirta was bullied, however they rejected her when they found out she was a witch. She and Mirta became friends after that. Lucy is intensely proud of being a witch, and Mirta's rejection of dark magic was taken as a personal insult by Lucy. Even though their relationship wasn't very good between the first and the second season, Mirta and Lucy are still very good friends. In the third season Lucy was, like the other witches, controlled by Valtor to attack Alfea, much to Mirta's dismay. Lucy informed Valtor that the Winx were heading to Flora's homeworld and later helped Griffin to get Cloudtower back.
  • Discorda is the guardian of Cloud Tower's Codex and hides in the heart of Cloud Tower. She is haughty, loves fashion and is a little mean. She wears a black and purple dress and is one of the four powerful pixies in the realm of Magix.

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