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Riven:Riven is Musa Boyfriend. They don't get along in season 1 in season 2 maybe you can just say they gave each other these sights that made you feel that they loved each other.Riven is a very lonely boy like musa. She still needs her privacy. Riven starts to think bloom likes him and maybe has a little crush on her firstly in season 1. Then in episode the Day Of The Rose. Brandon says That who will vote him? so he says I don't need anyone and somebody's been giving me the eye isn't that right bloom?. Bloom loved sky not him Then she uses a bit of her magic and spills a pot of water one him he runs aways hoping bloom might still like him but no. So he starts doing the race but darcy puts a spell on him. Riven becomes soft-hearted in season 6 as he gives musa all the attention and support.Riven can be a good and kind specialist sometimes.

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