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Believix is the fourth transformation the Winx received. This is the first transformation that the entire Winx Club earned at the same time. Believix was earned by the Winx in Season 4, to restore magic back on earth and to defeat the Wizards of the Black Circle by freeing the trapped Earth Fairies and by restoring magic, it reduces the power of the Wizards.


In order for a fairy to recieve a complete Believix, (Roxy has an incomplete Believix]], A fairy must earn the 3 basic transformations: Magic Winx, Charmix and Enchantix. Roxy did not earn these transformations so she did not have the 3 special wings and the Sophix and Lovix transformations. Once a fairy has had these 3 transformations, a fairy must go on earth and make 1 person believe in fairies. Once 1 person believes in fairies, the fairies earn their Believix. Roxy's incomplete Believix was because she did not have Magic Winx, Charmix and Enchantix and she earned it from will (How Bloom got her incomplete Enchantix).