Planet of AndrosEdit

Other than Princess Aisha/Layla, Nabu and Tritannus, the following characters are from planet of Andros (or Tides in some versions).

  • King Teredor and Queen Niobe are the king and queen of the lands of Andros and parents of Princess Aisha/ Layla.
  • King Neptune and Queen Ligea, are mermen and the king and queen of oceans of Andros. They are also parents of Crown Prince Nereus, Prince Tritannus and Princess Tressa. King Neptune and King Teredor are brothers.
  • Prince Nereus is the twin brother of Prince Tritannus. He is Aisha's/Layla's cousin.
  • Prince Tritannus is Prince Nereus's twin brother. He turns himself into an evil monster by absorbing toxins and the Trix help him. Icy is in love with him.
  • Princess Tressa is a mermaid and an ally to Winx Club. She is Aisha's/Layla's cousin.
  • Anne is a childhood friend of Aisha/Layla.
  • Roy is a specialist who is ordered by King Teredor to sail a yacht for Winx Club during their quest for Sirenix in season 5. He appears to have feelings for Aisha/Layla. Roy has a little magic himself, which he calls "Triton Aura". Roy has blond hair and dark grey eyes. He is currently voice by Bryton James in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Lemmy is the gatekeeper of ocean portal of Andros and Aisha's/Layla's bonded selkie.

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