Aisha (Layla in the 4Kids version)
Voiced by Keke Palmer
Seasons 2-6
First appearance "The Shadow Phoenix"
Eyes Teal
Hair Brown
Symbol Swirl

Aisha: She is the fairy of waves and is able to control and manipulate a pink fluid called Morphix to take on any form she chooses. Aisha is the princess of the planet Andros (Tides in the 4Kids version), which is a water planet. The mermaids are faithful allies of Aisha's parents, and they help protect the planet. She has a restless, rebellious, and wild nature. She is also super gutsy, loves all sorts of sports and all types of dance, and faces every difficulty head on. She is also a little bit of an idealist and always on the move. She appears to have African-American features. Aisha is more of an athlete, a fighter, dancer and wind-raider rider compared to the rest of the group. She joins the Winx Club in the second season and brings her pixie friends along with her whom the Winx later bond with. Her pixie is Piff, the pixie of sweet dreams, who quite frequently helps her with her troubling nightmares. Her magical pet is Milly, a white rabbit. Her bonded selkie is Lemmy, the keeper of the gate of Andros. She was Nabu's fiancee, but when he saved the Warrior Earth fairies, he goes into a coma-like state. Because of this, Aisha joined the Warrior Earth Fairies to avenge her love, but she eventually returned to the Winx after they and Nebula defeat the wizards. Aisha's birthday is June 15. Her hobbies include sports and dancing, and she also loves horses. Her signature colors are green and turquoise. In the fifth season, it is revealed its main villain, Tritannus, is Aisha's cousin. She is currently voiced by Keke Palmer in the Nickelodeon English dub and Vasthy Mompoint in the 4Kids dub. She has got brown hair and her first (Transformation) Clothes Are All Green.

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